Why We Only Recruit Professional Delivery Drivers

Carry Metkowski

July 27, 2017

As a company looking to use our no-cost last-mile logistics platform, you are most likely intrigued by the driver network we recruit to support delivery order fulfillment. After all, they will be an extension of your brand, so understanding more about it may help you feel at ease.

Network Availability: 

Having an on-demand network of delivery drivers spells success for all of us. Prior to a new customer using the platform, we estimate the number of deliveries per week for your company and make drivers available. Professional drivers want to use their assets to earn, and earn big, so they are motivated to be available during your rush hours. To ensure that our courier service is the quickest, we confirm that our drivers have network availability so we can always have a driver on hand to take care of your delivery.

Background Screening for our Drivers: 

You and your customers need to feel safe and confident with this mode of delivery. In order to become a driver with Dispatch, we require that each driver passes a nationwide background screening. As an independent contractor, they pay $30 to take the screening. We want to know they have skin in the game too. In the long run, we believe that this background screening is crucial to our company goal of transparency and visibility — we care about your packages just as much as you do and want to prove that we are the people just right for the job.

Driver Pay:

There’s an old adage that says, you get what you pay for and we believe it — so we pay for the best delivery drivers in town. Looking at other crowdsource services, Dispatch not only provides top pay, but this mode allows us to offer top savings for our customers too. Delivery drivers who work with Dispatch will earn 30% more than other ride-share services such as Uber or Lyft. (Just another way we ensure driver availability.) 

Service Levels Agreements:

We want drivers as invested in your success as we are, so we train them to meet service level agreements. Our professional drivers understand they are an extension of your brand. They are ready to create happy customers wherever they deliver. As a next gen courier company, these service level agreements are huge components of our everyday life and these values provides accountability.

Evaluating your local delivery options? Interested in learning more about a no-cost last-mile logistics platform? We're happy to give you a demo.   

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