4 Benefits Of Being A Courier Partner With Dispatch

For years Dispatch has been the place for individual independent contractor drivers to see available orders in their area to grow their business. Now you can add fleet owners to that list.

Lamarr Sullivan

May 1, 2023
May 30, 2023
Last Updated

For years Dispatch has been the place for individual independent contractor drivers to see available orders in their area to grow their business. Now you can add fleet owners to that list with our new Courier Partner Portal.

The Courier Partner Portal allows us to service areas across the country where customers have demand but aren’t in Dispatch markets. But what makes this appealing to fleet owners rather than signing up as an independent contractor driver? Here are four reasons why it’s beneficial:

Better Driver Management

In the past, if you were a fleet owner with your own drivers we would make you and all of your drivers go through our onboarding process. The only way for you to manage them was by having their earnings go to your EIN account. Not anymore.

With the Courier Partner Portal, we’ve made it easier to manage your drivers. As a Courier Admin, adding your drivers to your profile gives you control over the vehicles they have listed, their payment method, and the orders they take. It’s a tool that enables you to keep track of your drivers’ delivery activity and payout information all in one place, making it simple to grow your business.

Visibility to Admins

One thing drivers have asked for is the ability to send their employee drivers orders without them seeing all the payout info included within the order. That’s now a reality with this tool. 

As an admin, you’ll be able to see all details about an order, whereas your driver will only see pickup and drop-off details minus the payment. This means how you payout your drivers is completely up to you. We send you the orders, you decide how they’re divvied out to your drivers, and what percentage of the payout they receive.

Ability to Manage Overflow Orders

Do you have days where you don’t have enough drivers to fulfill your orders? No problem! This tool will allow you to send your overflow orders to the Dispatch Marketplace to be completed by our network of independent contractor drivers. 

When you click “Place Order with Dispatch” you’re able to recreate the order you need, providing you with the same experience our customers receive when they place orders. Rest assured your overflow orders are in good hands with our Dispatch Drivers.

Reach Service Areas Outside Dispatch Markets

Lastly, the portal allows Dispatch to service customer locations not within our coverage areas. That’s where the Courier Partner comes in. You tell us the radius you’re willing to serve and we’ll send you orders within that service radius. 

That means you could have a driver in one of our markets taking orders while having another driver taking orders outside of our market, leading to extra income opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been available.

Are you a independent contractor driver or courier partner?

Overall, being a Courier Partner is a great way for you to grow your business. If it’s just you completing deliveries for your business that’s no problem, your best route is to be an independent contractor with us. But if you have more than one driver, being a Courier Partner would be more beneficial for you. From better driver management to sending your overflow orders to our Marketplace, you’ll find being a Courier Partner will allow you to Deliver More*. 

Ready to become an Independent Contractor? Get signed up here.

Ready to grow your business with your fleet? Join our Courier Portal here.

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