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Fleet vs. Delivery Management: What's The Difference?

Dispatch Connect is a delivery management platform that focuses on your customers and deliveries. Connect provides your customers with visibility into their orders, empowers your drivers with route efficiencies, and equips you with the option to use Dispatch’s Marketplace for overflow deliveries.

Check out this infographic to learn more about the difference between a fleet management system and Dispatch Connect.

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Leverage Dispatch Connect to Manage Deliveries

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Real-Time Driver ETAs

View the ETA of the next stop on the route within the dashboard page.

Route Visualization

View and organize delivery details, create a manifest for each vehicle, optimize your routes, and manage incomplete deliveries.

Recipient Notifications

Recipients receive real-time driver ETA alerts, as well as mobile and email notifications about order delivery status once an order is placed.

Driver Experience

Drivers can view pickup details and notes, access order contact information, and leave proof of delivery and drop-off notes with their mobile devices.

Upload Deliveries

Upload delivery information in bulk with complimentary data entry support from Dispatch.

Future, Past & Repeat Deliveries

Use the calendar ribbon to view limited historical deliveries, repeat past deliveries, and plan future routes.

Multiple Pickups

Pair multiple pickup locations with manual routing to help you manage your daily deliveries.

Overflow Delivery Support

Send overflow and out-of-range orders to the Dispatch Marketplace.

In-App Support

Access support resources to understand product features, capabilities, and more.

Save Customer Info

Save your locations and customer information using the Address Book.

Connect Professional Features

With Connect Professional, you will receive all of the above features PLUS the following:

Customer Branded Notifications

Add your logo to all email and mobile notifications that your customers receive.

Plan My Route

Automatically distribute all unassigned deliveries across active vehicles with the click of a button.

Unlimited Historical Routes

View details of past orders or repeat past orders within an unlimited time frame.

Link Your Data To Connect Using Our API

Integrations within Dispatch Connect can help you Deliver More* to your customers by streamlining your delivery management process.

Link your existing ERP platform with the API integration to create orders in Connect programmatically and view information by delivery ID. Or make the most of minimal development resources with the Auto-Fill integration to pull data directly from your ERP system into Connect — reducing order creation time by half.

Need assistance with implementation? Send us a message today.

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Connect Product Pricing

Connect Starter

$70/month - 1 vehicle
$60/month per vehicle - 2 vehicles
$50/month per vehicle - 3+ vehicles

Real-Time Driver ETAs

Delivery Update SMS and Email Notifications

Plan Deliveries for Up to Three Vehicles With Option for More

50 Deliveries Per Route

Limited Historical Route Viewing

Optimize Individual Truck Routes

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Connect Professional

$100/month - 1 vehicle
$90/month per vehicle - 2 vehicles
$80/month per vehicle - 3+ vehicles

Real-Time Driver ETAs

Branded Delivery Update SMS and Email Notifications

Plan Deliveries for Up to Three Vehicles With Option for More

Unlimited Deliveries Per Route

Unlimited Historical Route Viewing

Plan and Optimize All Routes

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