Driver FAQ

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I already have a job, can I just drive for a few hours during my off-time?

Yes, Dispatch's network stays busy enough for drivers to work throughout the entire day or do only a few deliveries in the mornings, afternoons, or weekends for extra money.

How do I apply to be a Dispatch Driver? How long before I know if I was accepted?

Visit this page to fill out our quick application. We'll get back to you within one week.

Is driving for Dispatch safe?

Very safe! Our drivers deliver packages only, usually from one business to another. If delivering to a private residence for a customer, we do not enter homes or apartments.

How does Dispatch work?

Dispatch is a business-to-business delivery platform in which customers use our web app to request deliveries. Nearby drivers receive push notifications within our easy-to-use mobile app and can respond to requests — claiming only the jobs they want. Drivers are then provided the quickest routes to pick up parts or packages that are then delivered to the final destination.

With our network of independent contractor drivers, Dispatch has upgraded the traditional courier space by using technology to make the final-mile delivery process efficient, transparent, and reliable.

What can I expect to deliver?

Dispatch Drivers must be able to lift 50lbs and often deliver products like ceramic tile, buckets of paint, signage, HVAC equipment, and other similar materials.

Will I receive any promotional offers, rewards or referral bonuses for signing up to drive with Dispatch?

New drivers are eligible for a $50 bonus when they complete 10 deliveries within their first 30 days. Drivers will receive referral bonuses for any other drivers they refer once the referred driver completes 30 orders within 60 days. The referred driver will also receive a bonus.

How do I get paid?

We pay our drivers through a platform called Stripe. To learn more about Stripe, click here.

How can I track my earnings?

The Dispatch App tracks your earnings for you. Click the "Earnings" tab to see your pay for the day, week, and month. Once you sign up for Stripe, you will get a detailed list of all completed orders, bonuses, and other miscellaneous earnings.

How is driver pay calculated?

Drivers are paid by the mile between pickup and drop-off based on the service level and vehicle type selected by the customer.

Do Dispatch Drivers get tips? Do I get to keep them?

Tips are not expected, nor should they be requested. The Dispatch system does not include a tipping option. However, should a customer provide a tip to the driver, the money is theirs to keep.

When do I get paid?

Independent Driver pay periods run from Sunday through Saturday with driver pay appearing in drivers' accounts on Monday morning.

What is the average hourly and weekly rate?

This rate will vary based on how many hours a driver is on the network and our business load. An average could be $75-$125 per day, depending on how active the driver chooses to be.

Do drivers get any type of promotional offers, referral bonuses or rewards?

Drivers are eligible for referral bonuses for other drivers they refer once the referred driver completes 30 orders within 60 days. In addition, the referred driver also receives a bonus. All new drivers who complete 10 deliveries within their first 30 days are eligible for a $50 bonus.

How do I enter my tax information?

When a Dispatch Representative completes onboarding of the driver, they will complete a W9 with the driver. This W9 will be used to process the driver's year-end tax paperwork information.

How do tolls work for Dispatch Drivers?

Dispatch Drivers are paid for all tolls present on the calculated route, at the time that the order is placed, from pickup to drop-off.