Top 5 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency

Alexia Smith

July 25, 2018
March 30, 2021
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Employees in the industrial space can be guilty of showing up late to a job, leaving work unfinished for days, and most importantly, failing to manage their time and resources effectively from time to time. While some of your employees may be working hard day in and day out, it is essential for you to look into smarter and more efficient ways of managing their time. This article lists ways you can better manage your operations and help your employees save time and increase productivity.

Create, Manage, and Monitor Tasks

One of the most significant challenges that most employees performing in the industrial space can face is being forced to jump on to another job; before one is even completed. Assigning your employees task after task without requesting updates on jobs already assigned can cause confusion, delays, and often result in poor output. We recommend that you encourage the use of task sheets to better manage and monitor tasks. 

Furthermore, it is critical that you prioritize work. The need for your company's plumbing or electrical services could be due to an emergency. Under such circumstances, it becomes crucial for you to have an employee ready and available to handle high-priority jobs and emergencies. 

Provide Your Employees With Access to the Right Tools

Imagine the amount of time a carpenter can save by having access to necessary power tools, let alone the use of more modern technology. Whether it’s a question of a drilling machine or other tools such as a voltage detector that an electrician might need to quickly fix an issue on the job — having access to the right equipment can significantly improve efficiency and the quality of services.

Encourage the Use of Technology

Some construction businesses rely on poor communication and outdated logistical approaches. Managers and supervisors remain strongly disconnected from the technicians, are unable to track their performance, and manage their schedules. With the use of technology, such as smartphones, supervisors can find the exact location of every technician. This can allow them to assign related jobs to technicians working in proximity and help to maximize efficiency, as well as save time.

Connect With a Courier Company

Ever wondered how nice it would be if your top electrician could, for once, focus on a job instead of having to run between locations picking up parts? He would have additional time in his day to take on more jobs, train his fellow colleagues, and put his skills to best use. The best way to achieve this is by getting in touch with a next gen courier service like Dispatch for all your business’s delivery and pickup-related needs. Dispatch allows visibility into where your parts are and dynamic ETAs so that you can better predict your allotted time for job completion. This helps speed up the overall delivery process and improve efficiency; by allowing your technicians to save time and focus on their job instead of running errands for the business. 

Contact Dispatch today and let us help you become more efficient!

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