Package or Puke? 5 Benefits of Being a Delivery Driver

Kelsie McMahon

June 26, 2019
March 30, 2021
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Driving careers are often revered as easy-going career paths with a straightforward progression and decent pay. While this is true, the professional driving industry is much more complex. With new companies entering the market and the concept of convenience becoming the norm, the need for professional drivers has skyrocketed.

With worker happiness at the forefront, companies like Dispatch focus on providing drivers with better experiences. As a driver, would you want to deliver packages to local businesses or clean up someone's puke in the backseat after a night out? If you answered "packages," you're right! Here are five reasons to become a pro delivery driver:

Packages, Not People 

Let’s be real for a second. One of the most dreaded things in the driving biz is bad clients. Every professional driver has probably had at least one bad client that made them re-evaluate their career choice. Unfortunately, a not-so-great experience is bound to happen if you’re interacting with people on a daily basis.

However, delivering packages eliminates this problem entirely (well, almost). The only thing you're required to do is pick up a package from location A and drop it off at location B, with little human interaction. You don't have to worry about taking alternative routes because of the client’s backseat driving, you can keep your vehicle clean, and you can listen to your favorite tunes.

Good Money

As a delivery driver, there are many different ways to make bank. We find that how we pay our drivers — through a per-mile fare — stands up to the competition. When drivers are paid by the mile between point A and point B (and factoring in location, service level, and vehicle type), the app calculates how much money you will make. No need to play the guessing game or worry about miscellaneous pay deductions. Another plus — no need to worry about bad-tipping customers when you receive a solid paycheck.


Many delivery drivers today have the option to create their own work schedules. This means they can start and stop working at any time without wondering if they will pick up a job. In the package delivery world, you have the added advantage of delivering to businesses, not picking up pedestrians.

On-demand delivery services, like Dispatch, allow their drivers to drive in the B2B space. Again, never deal with the hassle of transporting messy, chatty, or rude people. Whenever you’re ready for work, all you have to do is turn on the app and you'll start receiving delivery orders.

Job Security

With an increasing demand for professional delivery drivers, thanks to the "I need it now" era, you can rest easy knowing there will be a steady stream of jobs available in Dispatch's mature markets. In the industrial and supplier sector, new customers are always being added, therefore increasing the number of jobs added each day. This level of job security — along with the ability to work a flexible schedule and have your pick of packages — is something that remains just a dream for most people. 

Be Your Own Boss

Another thing many people dread is their boss. The person that holds the executive position above you, keeps an eye on you and tells you what to do. As a delivery driver, you become your own boss! You can work wherever and whenever you want, without worrying about the powers above you.

Did this list convince you to become a professional delivery driver? Great! Introducing Dispatch, the company that checks all of your career wish lists: flexible schedule, decent pay, and the freedom to manage yourself. Don't wait, sign up to drive with Dispatch today! 

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