The Dispatch Difference: The Driver App

Kate Rickert

December 5, 2019
June 8, 2021
Last Updated

Ever had to drop off a customer hours from where you live, with no chance of making money on the return trip? Maybe the auto detailers know you on a first-name basis from bringing your car in after busy weekends driving late at night. Missed out on earning runs because of workplace politics with a dispatcher? The struggles with gig work can be endless. Dispatch operates differently than other apps and courier services, and we think you’re going to appreciate what sets us apart.

Transparent Earning

The order screen in our app displays what you’ll be making for each delivery before you claim that job. No waiting until a run is assigned to you to figure out what you’ll be earning or where you’ll be going. All earnings can be tracked from within the earnings screen and payouts happen reliably every Monday.

Orders Are Self-Assigned

You set your own hours, so why not be able to choose which orders you’ll take as well? At Dispatch, orders are self-assigned, meaning drivers get to choose which deliveries they do and do not want to take. Only interested in short, quick trips around town? Great! Want to feel the breeze through your hair and get on the open road for 50 miles? Works for us! Our app will show you where you’ll be going before you accept an order — not often the case with ride-sharing or food-delivery apps.

Drive Wherever We Operate

Dispatch currently delivers in over 50 cities throughout the United States. Once you’ve onboarded with us, you can deliver wherever we are live. Just set yourself available in the app and start driving. Our app uses your location to show you available deliveries nearby, so there’s no need to let us know when you're changing cities and no new paperwork to fill out. Sounds like a great way to earn a little cash on your way to a vacation! Did we mention we’re live in Miami?

Deliver Packages, Not People

Our drivers consistently tell us they love to deliver packages instead of driving people from place to place. A box of tile won’t get sick in your backseat or bug you for the AUX cord. Listen to any music or podcast you want, without someone telling you from the backseat there’s a faster route. We operate during business hours, so you won’t have to work at bar close to maximize your earnings. Also, because you won’t be driving around a living person, we don’t care what your car looks like. As long as it runs and is reliable, you’re able to drive with us. Get that 2001 Chevy Express back on the road and earn money with us!

If An Order Goes Wrong, We Make It Right

Mistakes happen, but we don’t think our drivers should bear the cost of this. Dispatch has a designated loading time of 15 minutes for vans and 10 minutes for all other vehicle types. Should an issue arise and you find yourself waiting longer than your designated loading time, we will compensate you by the minute. But be sure to arrive on time! If an order is cancelled on your way to a pickup, you’ll receive a $7.50 cancellation payment. If contacts are unavailable and the drop-off cannot be completed, we'll pay you to bring it back to the original pickup site. We think your time is valuable and that you should be compensated for it.

Ultimately, there’s a lot more that sets Dispatch apart from other gig jobs. Whether you’re looking for full-time work or just want to make some cash while the kids are at school, we think you’ll appreciate what Dispatch has to offer. Sign up and get started driving with us today!

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