Optimize Your Final-Mile Delivery

Alexia Smith

July 2, 2018

Final-mile delivery refers to the last step in the supply chain — your delivery arriving at its final destination. For a long time, final-mile delivery was primarily concerned with transporting products from distribution centers to local retail stores or office buildings. And because of the multiple delivery destinations, complex routes, and customized delivery requirements, this last step has always been the most costly, inefficient part of the delivery process.

With the rise of e-commerce, expedited shipping, and shifting consumer expectations, final-mile delivery has only grown more challenging. More and more, we expect items to be delivered directly to our doors, at a moment’s notice, the same day we ordered them. 

This shift has also affected our expectations for business deliveries. When your business has a technician in the field, and that technician needs a part to finish the job, you can’t afford to make your technician drive across town to get the part or have them wait for you to arrange a delivery from a traditional courier company. When a valued client needs an important document, you can’t afford to send it by traditional snail mail. You need quick, reliable, and affordable on-demand deliveries

These changing expectations create massive logistical challenges. Your delivery requirements, schedules, and destinations will be unpredictable due to constantly changing routes and demands. And when you don’t have a regular cadence, your low delivery volume could make implementing your own on-demand delivery process expensive. 

If you’re facing the challenge of final-mile delivery in your business, you might want to consider a software-based on-demand delivery solution like Dispatch

Leverage an On-Demand Delivery Service With Local Drivers

An on-demand delivery service that employs a fleet of independent, local drivers can solve several final-mile delivery challenges. First, you won’t need to plan ahead for unpredictable delivery schedules or patterns. Just request the delivery you need, when you need it, and avoid the logistical headache of trying to schedule final-mile deliveries far in advance. 

Secondly, local drivers know the best delivery routes and are most familiar with traffic patterns. They're also more likely to have a personal interest in maximizing the efficiency of their deliveries. This is key when you need to be confident that your delivery will reach its destination quickly and reliably. 

Finally, you’ll be able to keep your final-mile delivery costs low. By requesting on-demand deliveries from drivers who are already on the road, you can eliminate the costs of maintaining your own fleet and avoid the often outdated processes of a traditional courier service.

Integrate Modern Technology Into Your Final-Mile Delivery Process

On-demand delivery services that integrate modern technology into their processes can make your final-mile deliveries even more efficient and reliable. These software solutions can immediately send your delivery request to nearby drivers and use GPS to track the driver’s route in real-time. 

With this tracking technology, you’ll know the exact location of your delivery driver at all times: 

  • When will the driver pick up or drop off the package?
  • Was there a traffic jam or road construction?
  • Did your driver take a different route?

Now the answers to these questions are on your smartphone or computer.

These technology solutions also allow you to contact your driver while they’re en route and make special requests so you can customize the delivery to meet the recipient’s needs or expectations. This level of communication means you can partner with a delivery service without losing control of the customer experience. 

Consider a technology-based on-demand courier service, like Dispatch, if you’re interested in refining your final-mile delivery process while reducing your costs. Our easy-to-use platform connects you to delivery drivers in your area, allows you to track the location and status of your delivery in real-time, and provides full visibility for reliable, efficient, hassle-free final-mile Delivery.

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