Industrial Versus Traditional Courier Services

Alexia Smith

August 21, 2018

The days of slow and unreliable delivery services are far behind us, when we had to put up with waiting for months on end for the post. Sometimes, the waiting period to receive an important package would be ridiculously long which meant that the need to create a faster and more efficient transportation services has always been there.

Courier services are the perfect solution for transporting items at faster speeds and remaining in charge of your deliveries. With services like same-day delivery, most modern courier services such as Dispatch provide customers with the ability to monitor and manage their deliveries.

Looking to sign-up for courier services for your business? Do you need the help of a traditional or industrial courier services? It is a common misconception in the industry that all courier services are the same. While there are plenty of details that separate an ordinary courier service from the best in the industry, being able to distinguish between traditional and industrial couriers is essential.

Traditional Courier Services & Industrial Courier Services
A traditional courier service offers door-to-door pickup and delivery services. These services are highly reliable, hand-delivered and carry minimal chances of damage or loss to the contents of a package. However, operating at a much smaller scale, such courier services have a size limit, and their prices tend to increase drastically when it comes to handling larger packages on special request.

Industrial courier services, on the other hand, have the resources to handle packages of a variety of sizes; with particular emphasis on large packages that most traditional courier services are unable to handle. The following are some reasons why industrial courier services have the edge over traditional courier services:

  • A Larger Fleet of Trucks

Catering to different industries, industrial courier services are backed by a network of trucks. With access to an entire fleet, industrial courier services easily accommodate longer hauls and large delivery packages.

  • More Likely To Use Latest Technology

Operating at a much larger scale than traditional courier services, industrial courier services use latest technology such as fleet tracking to ensure that drivers make use of the best routes and deliveries remain on schedule.

  • Professional Employees

Most industrial courier services operate on a much larger scale as compared to traditional courier services. Having said that, these businesses focus highly on hiring trained drivers that are skilled in maneuvering a variety of equipment.

Dispatch: Everyone’s Favorite Industrial Courier Service
Convinced that connecting with an industrial courier service can help support the pick-up and delivery needs of your business? Dispatch offers fast delivery at affordable rates. Whether you require a same-day parts delivery or need a couch delivered to your new office space, Dispatch lets you schedule a pick-up or delivery with just a few taps on your screen!

Striving to become bigger and better with each passing day, our system brings you the ability to streamline deliveries, schedule ahead of time, input multiple orders simultaneously, track orders, and share tracking details with your employees and customers. Try your first order today!

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