How the Right Courier Can Boost Business

Kelsie McMahon

May 2, 2019
March 30, 2021
Last Updated

Running a business is a tough and demanding job, especially if your business involves delivering products to customers. 

Nowadays, convenience is the key to success. In the "I need it now" generation, people expect businesses to provide some kind of delivery service. Your business hinges on the ability to provide speedy deliveries.

For the sake of this conversation, let’s assume you’re a startup selling imported European home furnishings. First of all, you need to understand there are established retailers out there selling similar products and plenty more doing so online.

However, you're in a good spot as a startup. About half of Americans tend to permanently shun a company after only one bad experience. This gives you room to enter the market.

While the barriers to entry may be easier to navigate, this doesn’t mean that it’s smooth sailing. You need to understand that 74% of people tend to switch brands or avoid buying from a brand if the purchase or delivery process is too difficult. This means that you need to do something different, provide value in a new way.

If you put yourself in your customers' shoes, you'll realize people looking to buy your product will focus on three key elements during their journey:

1. Product price

2. Shipping/delivery costs

3. The timeline

Despite how fast your customer would like to receive orders, you need to make sure at least two out of the three elements are checked off. If you promise a low-cost service and fast delivery time (same-day if possible), the customer will be more willing to pay a premium price. Realizing this, you might start looking for a business courier service.

Courier services tend to be pricey, have a longer delivery process, and have large volumes of deliveries to handle every day. This may result in the delivery of wrong orders or a lack of tracking — all of which can lead to frustrated customers. When you’re stuck in this delivery dilemma, you can always opt for a next gen courier service like Dispatch.

Dispatch provides a network of independent contractor drivers for your business. With just a few taps on your screen or smartphone, you can create local orders quickly and efficiently. Working in much the same way that today’s ride-sharing services operate, Dispatch puts you in control of your deliveries.

The most important aspect of Dispatch is that it provides complete transparency — you can communicate with your driver and track the delivery. Keeping your customers informed and having a clear line of communication is one of the biggest selling points for any company. 

Let Dispatch improve your productivity, save your business time and money, and give you a competitive edge to provide value for your customers. Ready to start your next delivery? Dispatch it! 

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