How Being A Top Driver Embodies Driven To Deliver Value

Dispatch’s Top Driver Program gives customers peace of mind that a professional driver will deliver their materials and provide excellent customer service.

Lamarr Sullivan

May 28, 2024
June 4, 2024
Last Updated

We understand that reliable and efficient delivery is crucial in today's fast-paced world. That's why we've created our Top Driver Program to ensure our customers are being serviced by the best in the business. Whether you're a customer looking for exceptional delivery services or a driver seeking a rewarding career, our program is designed with you in mind. The program includes 50 of the busiest and most reliable drivers on the Dispatch Network. Those drivers are experts in providing quality at a high quantity, which is imperative to be in this program.

Driven to Deliver

At Dispatch, we pride ourselves on being driven to deliver excellence, one of our core values. Our Top Driver Program is built on a foundation of commitment, hard work, and a passion for logistics. Our top drivers are dedicated to getting the job done right, every time, at a high volume. Our support and resources empower our drivers to perform at their best and exceed customer expectations. Our drivers are more than independent contractors; they are partners in delivering success. They know if they aren’t sure where something should be dropped off, to call the customer or Dispatch Support. They know how to secure items in their vehicle so they make it to drop-off safely. No matter what the customer asks, our top drivers do their best to accommodate the customer and provide the highest quality service.

Great Customer Service

Customer service is the cornerstone of our business. Great delivery goes beyond just dropping off a package; it's about providing an exceptional experience. Our Top Driver Program emphasizes the importance of friendly, professional interactions and timely deliveries. We train our drivers to handle every delivery carefully, ensuring each customer feels valued and satisfied. Happy customers are repeat customers, and our drivers are crucial to making that happen. These drivers often have relationships with the customers whom they deliver for most, so they are able to build a positive rapport with them. That allows our drivers to troubleshoot with the customer more efficiently when the unexpected happens. 

Reliable Service

Reliability is non-negotiable in the delivery industry, and our Top Driver Program ensures that we consistently meet this standard. We understand that our customers depend on us to get their packages where they need to be, on time, and in perfect condition. Our drivers are equipped with the tools and knowledge to navigate any challenge and deliver precisely, completing at least 90% of their deliveries on time to stay in the program. By maintaining a fleet of dependable drivers, we uphold our promise of reliable service that our customers can trust.

At Dispatch, we are committed to delivering excellence through our Top Driver Program. Our drivers are dedicated, customer-focused, and reliable, ensuring that every delivery meets our high standards. Any driver can rise into our Top Driver Program by displaying the above traits and our other core values. Keep accepting orders and completing them on time; you might find yourself in the top 50 next year!

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