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Andrew Leone

Guided by his belief that innovation should drive efficiencies and help businesses delight their customers while delivering value, Andrew always has an eye open for areas where technology might streamline and scale operations.

Over and over again, Andrew saw the same labor inefficiencies in the distribution industry -- while skilled labor costs were skyrocketing, it was becoming more difficult to retain talented employees.

Always focused on driving value through the entire distribution chain and adept at spotting problems and opportunities, Andrew found a major gap was occuring while technicians left job sites to run around after parts. Or, they’d be waiting for parts to be delivered -- just eating billable time.

He reasoned if skilled labor could stay focused on the tasks only they can perform (as opposed to running after parts which almost anyone can do), companies could drive more revenue by completing more jobs each day. Just one more job per technician dramatically impacts the bottom line.

Typically, inventory management had been the fix to the problem. But. Having the part is one thing, you still have to get the right part to the right place.

The best way to accomplish this is to have a predictable, efficient method for getting parts to a job site.

The idea for Dispatch was born.

Andrew, together with his partner Ryan Hanson, have built what some are calling a revolutionary solution -- delivering a much needed service -- that has the potential to radically change the way an entire industry does business.

Andrew and Ryan are continually iterating and adapting Dispatch to meet the needs of their customers, who can in turn more easily meet the needs of their customers.

When he’s not innovating (does the man ever sleep?) he’s happiest spending time with his wife and their three young children. An automotive geek, he’s discovered getting his hands dirty cranking wrenches makes his latest hobby of collecting cool cars even more satisfying.

When he’s not working on cars, playing the latest video games or coming up with new ideas, you can find Andrew baiting hooks for his wife and kids who love to fish, reading fantasy fiction, or helping a buddy fly a drone.


Ryan Hanson

Driven by his love of growing business and teams -- Ryan is a man who creates exponential growth and motivates Dispatch employees to excel.

Ryan’s success - as an employee early on, and then as a business owner - was influenced by his desire not to be the best individual contributor, but to build winning teams. Teams driven by their shared goals and their own language and culture around reaching those goals.

Ryan’s mission is to create a shared value. He believes clearly communicating the company vision and recognizing employees efforts creates a team culture that strengthens each individual and solidifies teamwork.

What gets Ryan out of bed in the morning is helping other people create their own success. Helping his Dispatch team help their customers -- to deliver more value to their customers -- is what drives him.

Believing great companies are built on winning teams, Ryan’s philosophy isn’t just a workplace idea, it’s a way of life.

An active dad with five kids, Ryan and his wife aim to instill the same values in their children. They like to “catch them doing something right,” then reinforce and reward that behavior.

Ryan will tell you: Whether it’s an employee, or a family member, people need to know they matter and feel valued, that they’re part of something bigger and more meaningful. When you tap into that, you get uncommon returns.

Passionate about technology and innovation and taking a formulaic approach to business, Ryan believes applying laser focus to what you do repeatedly delivers massive results.

He’ll tell you crushing numbers is a good -- but what gets him excited is showing customers clear value and ROI, and helping his team communicate that value to customers.

When he’s not at Dispatch, Ryan is often burning the midnight oil in his newfound obsession with hockey (just ask him about last night’s goals) or enjoying his kids while running them around to their many events. Or, he can found on the couch playing video games in his self-appointed role as a ‘cool dad…’