Why Are Gig Drivers Choosing Dispatch?

‍Choosing which gig app to drive with can get confusing when you don’t know the difference between them. Find out what makes Dispatch different from some of our competitors.

Lamarr Sullivan

June 24, 2022

Options. Everywhere you look, as a consumer, there are options. While the differences in products from one brand to another are not always noticeable, there may be a distinct characteristic that sets your favorite brands apart from the others. 

The gig economy is the same. Whether you like Uber, DoorDash, or Dispatch, all these businesses have their own unique strengths. Read on to see what sets Dispatch apart from other gig driving apps and discover the Dispatch Difference as an independent contractor driver for yourself.

Dispatch vs. Amazon Flex

Because flexibility is important when it comes to gig driving jobs, drivers often look for opportunities where they can pop in and out without being tied to specific hours. Our driver app is one way in which Dispatch differs from Amazon Flex. Based on their availability, Dispatch Drivers can easily toggle themselves online or offline in the app without advance notice. As long as orders are available, you are free to take them! With this flexible approach, Dispatch Drivers have the freedom to run errands in between jobs or tend to unexpected emergencies. The best part? Most of our deliveries occur during regular business hours so drivers can be home in time for dinner every night.

Dispatch vs. Frayt

One of the advantages of driving with Dispatch over Frayt is that we understand not everyone's vehicle is in pristine condition. For this reason, we let our drivers use any vehicle available — regardless of age or condition. We’re not bothered by your dinged-up 1999 Ford Taurus or that trusty 1997 Dodge Promaster you’ve relied on for years. As long as your vehicle is in safe driving condition, you can use it! If necessary, we even allow rentals so drivers can complete orders when their own vehicles are temporarily out of commission. 

Dispatch vs. Curri

Not interested in delivering bulky items but still want to be a gig driver? Although we deliver construction materials like Curri, our partnerships with diverse businesses mean plenty of options for our drivers. If your vehicle is smaller and can’t accommodate large items, you can opt to run an urgent document across town or bring a remote employee their work laptop instead. Other things you may find yourself delivering can include but are not limited to gardening supplies, paint buckets, and auto parts. As we grow, we'll continue to serve new industries and increase the number of locations within our network — which means more opportunities for our drivers.

Dispatch vs. Roadie

Apps like Roadie may tell you how many deliveries you've done and the money you've earned, but Dispatch can provide you with your on-time percentage stats. Why is this important? Understanding your driver statistics while delivering with a gig app can help you provide quality customer service. In showing our drivers the percentage of time they’re punctual to pickup and drop-off locations, we aim to encourage personal accountability and motivate more on-time deliveries. More on-time deliveries means more opportunities to make money!

Dispatch vs. GoPuff

Whether you prefer to make local or long-distance deliveries, Dispatch has a little something for everyone. Where apps like GoPuff specialize in warehouse-to-doorstep service, we get orders that can take you down the street or across several state lines. Though most of our drivers use Dispatch to make extra money doing nearby runs, many enjoy the occasional long-range drive and higher payout that comes with it. If this is you, then you'll love the experience our app has to offer. 

These are only a few examples of what sets us apart from our competitors. We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible and are happy to answer any questions you might have. But don’t just take our word for it — give Dispatch a try!

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