The Power of GPS Fleet Tracking

Kelsie McMahon

October 29, 2019
December 14, 2020
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Can you think of something you can't live without? Something you use daily? If maps come to mind — you're not alone. Today's GPS technology helps us navigate our world, get places faster and even perform same-day deliveries. 

Global Positioning Systems, or “GPS” as they are commonly known, is a popular and widespread technology that's becoming a standard part of our lives. Using a series of satellites, GPS can narrow down a device’s specific location to an extremely small area. When tracking in real-time, it can even be used to monitor movements, such as the speed of a vehicle. Virtually every industry uses GPS in some way, and in many cases, GPS is used in the form of fleet tracking

At Dispatch, we have GPS software built into our technology so we can track and manage our network of drivers. This allows us to focus on providing the best customer service. This also gives customers the advantage of utilizing GPS to get information on vehicle location, route and estimated delivery time, without the hassle of managing their own fleet. Let's take a look at some real-world scenarios.

How Does Fleet Tracking Impact Businesses?

Businesses all across the country are discovering the massive benefits of fleet tracking options. One of the more obvious benefits is the chance to increase efficiency, especially if the business is involved in any sort of delivery service.

Benefits Business 

Imagine a business that focuses specifically on delivering and installing HVAC units throughout the Chicago metro area. To maximize efficiency and profits, this company would need to organize its routes perfectly so that drivers and installers can service the most customers in a workday. With GPS tracking, this company could optimize daily schedules for its drivers, using information such as road collisions, closures, and construction to choose the best route. 

The company could also use GPS fleet tracking to modify the daily plan. Say an air conditioning installation is going longer than expected, causing the next service stop to be delayed. Instead of accepting a late arrival and risking an upset customer, the business might be able to look at its fleet locations and reroute another installer to that job. By using GPS fleet tracking, this business could complete more jobs in one day, reduce mileage per installation, and keep customers happy — all at once!

Benefits Customers

It’s not just the service providers who benefit from this, but also the customers, including both individuals and businesses. 

Now imagine a print shop that's having a particularly busy Friday morning, so busy that they're quickly running out of premium paper. Not being able to complete customer orders and risk them going to competitors is out of the question, so they have to either send someone to pick up paper or have it delivered. Since they need every employee at the shop, ordering is a much better option. 

If they place an order through a business such as Dispatch, the print shop can monitor the delivery and make sure the supplies will arrive before they run out. Because of the transparency throughout the entire delivery process, the order placer knows that the best decisions are being made to get the job done. Again, we see that both the business and the customer benefit from the efficiencies that on-demand tracking creates. 

Dispatch: Using GPS to Improve Our Services

At Dispatch, we use GPS to improve the efficiency of our on-demand delivery services. Once an order is placed, our system allows you to track the delivery in real-time. Our professional drivers are pinged when a new order hits the network and a nearby driver accepts the job and heads to the starting point. With GPS tracking, you can see the driver's route along with arrival times that take into account traffic accidents, bad weather, and more.

See for yourself how GPS is making courier services more efficient by Dispatching your next business delivery today!

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