North Mechanical

Jennifer Juarez

September 9, 2021

North Mechanical is a turn-key, mechanical system solutions provider with four locations in Indiana. The company needed a more efficient method of delivering parts than using internal staff to do the job. Operations manager, Tom Drake, said, “We like to keep our guys working in the field versus running around picking up material every day.” Most managers would agree. Often when companies factor in all the expenses of delivering internally, they quickly see the savings available when using Dispatch. Drake continued to explain, “For us to do an in-town run in a small car, it costs $21. By the time our drivers get in their trucks and leave our parking lot, at the end of the day, we’ve spent more than that. We spent $21 just getting it loaded up, factoring in the equipment we use, our trucks, our insurance, their insurance, and their hourly wages."

Changing with Technology

Dylan Hatley, logistics dispatch, explained how adopting a new product can be nerve-wracking for staff who are used to using the same process. But this team of “old schoolers” quickly saw how Dispatch was benefiting their daily operations. At first, the staff wasn’t sure how it was going to work out. Now that they’ve tried it several times, however, they’re saying, “Oh this is great!” He continued, “Now they prefer it. They're into it.” The foremen are often asking, “Hey, can you just Dispatch this for me?”

Streamlining with Dispatch

Multi-tasking can be a small business owner’s middle name. They are frequently pulled in several directions and find themselves asking, “How am I gonna get all this stuff done?” Drake talked about how the start of his day usually goes and how Dispatch has saved him precious time.

“When everyone wants something in the morning, and you only have this many drivers, there's a resource you can leverage — Dispatch. There’s been plenty of times I’ll have five drivers lined up, all coming to pick orders up. It only takes 20 minutes to set up my whole day’s deliveries. We’re also really happy with the Multi-Stop option.

Logistics Made Easy

It [Dispatch] seems to be very reliable. The invoicing is clean –– PO numbers get put on there. Our accounting department has no problem whatsoever with cost coding each delivery to the applicable job. It’s easy for our accountants to make sure those dollars are getting appropriated to the right place. That's really nice. North Mechanical also likes how Dispatch offers proof of delivery photos. Since they sometimes need to check their historical orders if someone is questioning whether a package arrived or not.

“Simplicity and efficiency –– seems like you have good people that you hire on to drive for you. Keep up the good work. We appreciate the help you give us. You guys make us look like rockstars out here,” said Drake.

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