I NEED IT NOW! – The Era of Instant Gratification

Kelsie McMahon

February 13, 2019
March 22, 2021
Last Updated

In today’s commerce and services-driven world, constantly evolving technology has pushed this generation over to a new epoch of instant gratification.

Often referred to as the ‘I need it now’ generation, after decades of self-service engagements, society has reached a stage where people expect everything to be possible with the click of a button. As this mentality seeps into the customer mindset, businesses are being forced to create avenues that satisfy their customers’ demands for convenience. This has led to the sudden, and unprecedented, rise in delivery services and businesses.

Altering Business Models

In an age of convenience and impulse-purchases, enterprising companies have found success by creating unique business models that cater to the needs of the average customer. They act as the middle-man, delivering efficiency to the business process.

An obvious, and often overlooked, example of these services is witnessed in the food industry. Meal delivery services have drastically revolutionized the dining experience, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite restaurant meals from the comfort of their homes. In an effort to improve on what is now an old concept, food providers have gone on to introduce value-added services like express delivery as a competitive edge.

On-demand entertainment services like Netflix, and Amazon Prime, have also jumped into the mix providing unlimited access to your favorite movies and TV shows. Long gone are the days of hunting down books in bookstores. With Amazon’s Kindle services, readers have an endless library of e-books available at their fingertips.

These services haven’t just revolutionized the way we conduct business — they've altered the expectations of customers. Customers, who were once satisfied with their package deliveries taking a week or so, now expect same-day delivery. With the internet providing unlimited access and avenues, users have come to expect the same from the providers they encounter online and in the real world.

This phenomenon has given rise to corporate think tanks whose sole responsibility is to devise new and better ways of ensuring accessibility. There is a direct correlation between evolving business models and societal shifts, where both need to be considered and encouraged to complement each other.

Varying Expectations and Time Management

Today’s culture of instant gratification cannot be ignored or avoided, and every business needs to be a part of this change to be successful and stay relevant. Organizations are dedicating precious time and resources to ensure that they can keep up with the expectations of their customers.

There has been a shift towards providing the best, most convenient user experience. Businesses like Blockbuster, resistant to changing their business models, suffered huge financial losses due to their outdated methods. The introduction of Netflix didn’t help Blockbuster either. Customers flocked to Netflix because it acknowledged the change and built a platform that addressed the needs of their target customers, as well as their own.

These snowballing expectations are so ingrained in today’s market that not delivering on them means losing your customer permanently. The internet is also home to review sites and pages dedicated to sharing customer reviews. In a world so demanding, and so transparent, no business can afford to be left behind.

As businesses recognize the increasing demand for same-day deliveries, enterprising companies like Dispatch step in to fill the gaps left behind by major transport providers. With on-demand drivers and a built-in tracking system to monitor the progress of your package, Dispatch guarantees express delivery right to your customer’s doorstep.

Prioritizing convenience and accessibility over all else, Dispatch provides speedy, inner-city deliveries, helping businesses transport all manner of shipments from point A to point B with minimal paperwork or delay involved. Focused on their customers’ convenience, Dispatch offers a free tracking app, as well as doorstep pickup and delivery.

Unique operations like Dispatch step in to help other companies enhance and improve their functions. They cater to the culture of instant gratification solely for the ‘I need it now ‘generation, and these pioneers are only gunning to grow further — going above and beyond for their customers.

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