Employee Spotlight - Meet Brendan!

Kelsie Hengel

June 21, 2024
July 19, 2024
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In this Employee Spotlight, we introduce Brendan! Brendan is the Senior Manager of Driver Experience who recently celebrated his five-year Dispatch work anniversary. Learn how he has grown his career at Dispatch and leads a team to deliver the best experiences for customers and drivers.

1. How has your career grown since starting at Dispatch?

I've had great mentorship and over my five years here have developed stronger leadership skills, enhanced my critical and strategic thinking skills as well as learning new leadership methodologies and best practices. I've really loved spending time with other managers discussing people leadership. It's been great to experience growth in my career path, and a highlight of that is working on some of the big projects that shape the future of our company. 

2. What does a typical day in your role look like?

My day involves a lot of problem-solving, helping teammates from other departments and supporting my team in attaining Dispatch's goals. It's a privilege to lead the team through some hectic days and I'm constantly impressed by how our team navigates the challenges they face each day.

3. What is a project you have been recently involved in? 

In Q2 I was able to help get the "Fountain Transition" project approved and started. We are replacing our applicant tracking system with a homegrown system. It was great to work with design and engineering teams to build the new system and enable some huge long-term cost savings for Dispatch.

4. So far, what accomplishments are you most proud of here at Dispatch?

I take a lot of pride in the growth, development, and promotion of the people that have worked on my team. We have some great success stories within the walls of DX. Reilly is a great example; he was ready to pivot his career into data science while working as a DX Agent. We were able to take his professional development goals and align them with our team and company goals; and enabled him with lots of projects that fed actionable data to our team. Several others have been promoted within the team based on their great contributions and commitment, there is no better feeling as a manager than having your team members formally recognized and rewarded.

5. Which Dispatch core value(s) resonates with you the most and why?

Truthfully, all of them. The core values were a major part of what attracted me to come to Dispatch-they're all personal values too. If I have to pick one I'll say people first. Because no matter what the situation is, treating people respectfully and with care is of upmost importance. I try to have fun every day, and that starts with our interactions.

6. What is your favorite thing about working at Dispatch? 

The people. I'm impressed every day with the diversity of thoughts, the insightful conversations, and the cross-collaboration—all in a remote environment which is an added challenge. I love working with other teams to provide the best experience for our customers and drivers and I’m appreciative of the personal and professional relationships built over my time here.

7. Anything else you would like to share? 

It's crazy how time flies, in June I celebrate my 5-year anniversary with the company and it really feels like a blink of an eye. The company has grown so much it's incredible. Appreciative of all the contributions of employees past, present and future!

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