Dispatch Takes On-Demand Delivery Platform to New Heights

From aviation to retail, Dispatch delivers more than just packages to businesses.

Kelsie Hengel

March 12, 2024

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - Dispatch, the leading B2B last-mile delivery platform, announces the delivery expansion of its innovative suite of solutions into new industries. To meet evolving consumer demand, Dispatch is now helping more businesses that need fast shipping, increased delivery options, and enhanced visibility in the delivery process.

Dispatch has served more than 50,000 businesses, from HVAC to automotive to solar, with the help of thousands of active independent contractor drivers across the country, meeting an average of 91% SLA.

Dispatch extends its on-demand delivery services beyond industrial sectors, bringing reliability, efficiency, and transparency to a wider range of businesses such as retail, aviation, and pharmaceutical. In addition, Dispatch offers all customers same and next-day delivery times, different-size vehicle options, and dynamic order tracking, giving customers choices and flexibility to meet their specific delivery needs.

Leveraging advanced technology and commitment to customer service, Dispatch is set to meet the business delivery needs of these and other strong and resilient industries:

  • Aerospace/Aviation: Dispatch delivers parts, equipment, and supplies to support airlines and maintenance facilities with reliable and timely service.
  • Athletics: Athletic organizations and teams trust Dispatch for the delivery of event materials and facility supplies during competitive seasons.
  • Landscaping: Dispatch efficiently delivers landscaping equipment and materials to active job sites to ensure timely project completion.
  • Real Estate: Property professionals and managers leverage Disaptch to streamline maintenance, staging, and events to enhance the customer experience.
  • Retail: With a focus on big box retailers, convenience stores, and hardware stores, retailers rely on Dispatch to fulfill orders same-day for customers.
  • Pharmaceutical: Dispatch provides secure delivery of medical supplies and equipment to healthcare companies to ensure the distribution of resources.

“Our commitment to our audiences is unwavering. By engaging closely with our customers and drivers, we gain deep insights into their needs and experiences. This direct feedback forms the foundation of our data-driven solutions, tailored to ensure our customers' success. We're at the forefront of innovation, developing AI-based solutions designed to revolutionize the last-mile delivery space. We're excited to unveil our latest advancements, promising to set new benchmarks for industries engaged in last-mile delivery,” said Jason Kirton, Dispatch’s Chief Technology Officer.

For more information about Dispatch, please contact the media representative at

About Dispatch: Dispatch is the leading B2B last-mile delivery platform. Replacing traditional courier services by offering on-demand deliveries with real-time updates and dynamic ETAs since 2016, Dispatch empowers businesses to Deliver More* for customers. Dispatch simplifies last-mile delivery for businesses via in-platform connection with a growing network of independent contractor drivers. Dispatch currently operates in more than 75 U.S. markets. For additional information, visit

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