Jennifer Juarez

August 3, 2021
AlphaGraphics Finds Success with Dispatch

AlphaGraphics, a printing and design company, has daily orders they need to deliver to their local customers. They saw tremendous growth in their business and were no longer able to use their method of internal staffers doing the deliveries. What they found was a one-stop- shop with Dispatch Marketplace that checked all the requirement boxes.


Digital Production Manager, Keely Kennedy, spoke about the time saved by using the Dispatch Marketplace. “I only need to get on the interface one time for 20 minutes and place an order. I don’t have to keep making phone calls. I love that you do it all online. Forty-five minutes a day is saved now," she said. Not to mention, the AlphaGraphics staff can focus on their everyday tasks instead of spending time delivering orders. By using a Dispatch Driver they are saving money and increasing productivity.

How Dispatch Stacks Up Against Couriers

Marketplace is a digital product that offers an easy-to-use system while also providing reliable, professional drivers who deliver within the specified time frames. It was important to AlphaGraphics that the drivers were also a good representation of their company. With couriers she used previously, Kennedy would have to place six individual orders and then had six different drivers showing up, making order coordination difficult and lengthy.

The Dispatch Marketplace Multi-Stop has been a lifesaver for AlphaGraphics. Kennedy has saved significant time using this option. She was looking for a way to have only one driver who picks up all orders and delivers them all to the different destinations.

Kennedy also found that couriers she worked with were not as reliable overall –– with regard to drivers and deliveries. Dispatch Drivers are required to follow the values of the company when representing a customer’s business. They undergo background checks, need a clean driving record, and are required to show proof of insurance. There is also an age minimum.

Delivery Transparency

Kennedy also likes the transparency of our service. She can follow her orders on a map and see where the driver is currently. She can choose the type of vehicle she wants and can speak directly with the driver if there are any hiccups including if the delivery notes are not accurate and need to be addressed. “It’s peace of mind. One person is doing it. I can follow along the route. I can see photo proof of delivery,” said Kennedy.

Dispatch Wants Customer Feedback

“Dispatch checks in with me a couple of times a month to see how our service is going. I can give any feedback, but there are no complaints so far. I save time and I save money.”

Dispatch checked all the requirement boxes for AlphaGraphics. The company can now efficiently manage local deliveries while saving time and money. This will ultimately lead to increased customer loyalty, operations predictability, and a higher quality of service at AlphaGraphics.

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