Service Levels

Each Dispatch market has a network of local independent contractor drivers who can deliver up to a 60-minute radius from the city center. You can select from multiple service levels and vehicle types based on the unique needs of your business.


Delivered by 5pm


3 or more hours


2-3 hour delivery


Fastest service level

Vehicle Types


A two or four-door sedan that fits most items in the front seat. Cars can transport paint cans and supplies, AC and plumbing parts, small automotive parts, tools, small signage, cleaning supplies, or documents.


An SUV, crossover, or minivan vehicle that holds the same items as a car but in larger quantities. Mid-sized vehicles may transport items like five-gallon buckets of paint, boxes of tile, or larger signage.

Pickup Truck

A pickup truck can hold the same items as a car or mid-sized vehicle but in larger quantities. Customers typically use this option for taller or longer items like appliances, tiles, and lumber. We require drivers to have truck beds with a minimum length of 78 inches.

Cargo Van

A classified cargo van is the largest vehicle size we offer. Customers looking to transport 5x10 signage, tables, lighting, machinery, or drywall may select this option. We require that every cargo van on our platform can fit at least a 4x8 pallet.