B2B Deliveries For Industrial Machinery & Equipment

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Handle Overflow Deliveries Using Dispatch

Does your industrial machinery and equipment business experience seasonal peaks that overwhelm your delivery capabilities? Dispatch can help you manage your overflow. Easily shift excess orders to the Dispatch Marketplace on-demand and let one of our skilled, independent contractor drivers fulfill these deliveries for you.

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Dispatch Marketplace

Need delivery support during peak seasons? Leverage Dispatch to fulfill overflow deliveries with our nationwide driver network.

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Dispatch Connect

Already have your own fleet? We offer a software solution that helps you optimize how you route, track, and manage your deliveries.

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Service Levels & Vehicles

Have textiles or other manufactured items to deliver? We have different vehicle types and service levels to meet your business needs.

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Why Manufacturers Prefer Dispatch

Dispatch offers a cost-effective and flexible delivery alternative for manufacturers who experience seasonality. Save on overhead costs and avoid the stress of hiring temporary workers by using our existing network of trained drivers to support your delivery efforts.

We used other traditional courier services but really liked the interface and response time of Dispatch. More than once, we'd set up a shipment, and the driver showed up within five minutes. It seemed like they were waiting in the parking lot!

— Tyler Pope

Each time, Dispatch has addressed our concerns in real-time — allowing our customers to receive the material they requested at the time they requested.

Troy Lundquist, Senior Sales Manager

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