Top 3 Apps That Can Save You Time in the Field

Alexia Smith

September 25, 2018

Remember when checking up on a task meant going through an entire drawer of files? Or how confirming a customer delivery meant calling the courier service multiple times a day? Yeah, we'd rather not. 

Modern-day businesses are now run with a swipe of your fingers. To stay ahead of the curve, companies are required to adapt to tech-smart operations. Doing this has been made significantly easier with the invention of apps. These apps have made it possible to manage, delegate, and keep track of the business as a whole. This article will look at the Top 3 applications that can help you save time while at work:


Mela is a project management app that brands itself as a smart collaboration tool, and actually does what it says.

As a smart work application, Mela helps organizations speed their projects up by efficiently managing fieldwork — both online and offline.

Mela aims to negate modern-day fieldwork issues that plague organizations and slow work down — causing a nuisance for managers and supervisors. The lack of communication leads to the loss of clients’ trust and errors without the team managing to root out the cause. Mela simplifies and centralizes all information. A single platform from where everybody can collaborate, communicate, track information, and eventually — save precious time.

Additionally, Mela also offers data analytics which provides detailed insights that help users monitor important metrics and results related to their use. Mela is optimized for the use of every person in the chain of command: from supervisors and managers, all the way to contractors and workers.


Providing speedy and timely product deliveries to customers always remains the forefront priority of any business.

Sadly enough, local deliveries are often a dilemma for business owners. They can either opt to buy a delivery vehicle that comes at a high cost or outsource packages to a courier service, and risk being bound by the vendor's quality of service. Which, if subpar, can anger their own clientele.

Presenting, Dispatch. Dispatch is an on-demand local delivery platform designed to help businesses in the B2B space manage multiple orders and provide timely deliveries.

The Dispatch app enables users to dispatch their items without having to make a call. Open the application, place an order and your package will be on its way!

The pickup location is accepted by the nearest driver and Dispatch makes use of GPS tracking to estimate real-time distance, and the time it will take to arrive. If you want to add employees or customers in the loop, Dispatch offers users the option to share the location of the driver or the package.

Dispatch goes one step further in providing premium customer service and collects the customer’s signature on their phone once the package arrives. Even if no one’s home Dispatch has you covered, the driver simply takes a picture of the package at the door, and the picture is sent to you. In less than 20 seconds, Dispatch enables users to have their orders set to be delivered. Compared to the cumbersome traditional method which involves chasing courier providers and painstakingly waiting for packages without any visibility into where it is or who has it, Dispatch provides a much quicker, streamlined substitute for local deliveries.


This application specializes in field service management and is designed carefully to enhance work field productivity with any device.

ServiceMax specifically caters to field technicians and engineers to provide field-ready functionality, regardless of internet access. ServiceMax is built on a standard mobile framework to be user-friendly and provides software familiarity.

It boasts a refined interface that provides consistent access and free-flowing service workflow, even without access to the internet. ServiceMax aims to empower field technicians to successfully deal with complex work orders alongside presenting service reports, labor pricing dynamics, and much more.

Dealing with a complex customer base of on-the-field engineers, ServiceMax saves significant time and ensures that the work order process gets completed — including scheduling, work estimates, checklists as well as troubleshooting and presenting work order debriefs.

ServiceMax offers engineers the option to upload pictures and documents, as well as create Smart Business Docs, to generate service reports and invoices. To complete the process, ServiceMax offers third-party app integration which enables technicians to exchange data to different locations securely.

What are you waiting for? Get downloading!

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