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Jennifer Juarez

May 19, 2022
October 27, 2023
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Ryder Systems, a truck rental/leasing and maintenance company, didn’t realize the full impact of using Dispatch until they placed their first order. Then they saw all the things they’d been missing without the delivery software.

Accountability Resolved

This tracking has provided Ryder Systems with the accountability they were seeking. There’s no discrepancy between where a part is and whether or not it was delivered.

Increase in Productivity

Because a package gets exchanged through only one driver, whose contact information the team has, there's little to no room for miscommunication or lost orders — an issue they have encountered in the past.

With Dispatch, this North Carolina branch no longer has to take someone internal from their job and send them to pick up and bring back a truck part that is often far away. Plus, using a Dispatch Driver incurs only a one-way cost. Which, on a 50-mile part run, can add up. The team acknowledges what a great asset Dispatch is and how adopting the platform has resulted in fewer expenses to complete the same repair job while keeping all hands on deck in the shop.

Save More, Deliver More*

Randall pointed out how Dispatch is significantly more affordable than using one of the big-name couriers for their most recent long-haul delivery. He explained, “Dispatch can do it in a day or two when the big guys can take much longer.” The cost of a company truck being out of service for days can also be substantial when considering how many trucks Ryder owns. Partnering with Dispatch has ultimately provided Randall’s team with the capability to get their trucks back out on the road faster. Dispatch is so transparent. You see where the parts are and who has them at any given time. It’s incredible how spot on the tracking is. We wish we had found you guys sooner,” concluded Randall.

To read the case study, click here to download a PDF version.

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