Dispatch | Stripe Info
What is Stripe?

Stripe is a merchant account provider with a payment platform for processing secure digital transactions.

Stripe is a company that makes moving money between people and/or businesses easy and safe, check them out.

Why do I need to make a Stripe account?

Short answer: we can't pay you without one.

Slightly longer answer: you can actually sign up for a Dispatch account and start driving/earning money without a Stripe account. But, you will need to connect a Stripe account to your Dispatch account before we can pay you, so it is best to do this ASAP.

Why does Dispatch use Stripe?

We use Stripe because it is super secure, handles paying a lot of drivers well, and has a good track record with other job-based platforms.

Also, having a payment provider like Stripe helps us focus on making Dispatch as awesome as possible

When will I get paid?

Our payout schedule is set up to have the payout arrive in your account on Monday. This means that the process typcially starts late on Saturday into Sunday, so that it arrives on Monday.

Note: Your first payout may take up to 7 business days to fully process, so it may not arrive on a Monday. After this first delay it will be back on schedule.

Okay... It is Monday and I haven't been paid yet, what's going on?

If this is your first payout scroll up to 4. When will I get paid?

Otherwise, check the calendar for events such as bank holidays, as these can delay payouts.

If it is not a bank holiday contact us, support@dispatchwithus.com, and we can help find you an answer

Can I get paid sooner?

For now, we only make payments once a week. We are looking into other options for the future, including a way for you to request your payments instantly.

How can I look at my earnings?

In the Dispatch App, navigate to the bottom right tab labelled "Earnings". This screen will have your current total balance at the top. This reflects what will be on your next payout.

Below that is a list of all the orders you've delivered and things like adjustments, bonuses and cancellation fees. The more you scroll down the more (older) orders will load.

Note: This earnings list only consists of orders that were completed after you signed up for Stripe.

Why did Stripe email me asking to verify my identiy?

One of the reasons we integrate with Stripe is because we highly value your security. This also means that sometimes extra steps need to be taken to keep system wide risk low. When you sign up, Stripe requires very little information: Name, DOB, and how you want to get paid. This lets you get driving quickly and allows us to pay you fast.

As you start earning more and stay on the platform longer, Stripe needs more information from you to stay verified. This verification process is spread out to allow you to use the platform and get paid quickly, but also keep security high as users stay on the platform.

Stripe keeps asking for verification...

If Stripe repeatedly asks for the same verification info it most likely means the info you sent them failed for one reason or another and you should not try submitting the same information.

Instead email support@stripe.com with the subject "Verification Help" and explain the situation, this way you will get a human to help with the issue.

Why is my account balance negative?

We do our best to get everything right the first time, however in the world of B2B delivery there are a lot of moving pieces that can affect each other. This means sometimes we need to make adjustments to orders and on occasion these adjustments can take the driver's pay down.

Note: More often these adjustments will not affect driver pay or will bring it up

If you believe we have made a mistake let us know, support@dispatchwithus.com

What do I do about a negative balance?

You can keep driving as normal and the money you earn will automatically count towards the negative balance. Once the negative balance reaches zero it will continue to accumulate normally.

Again, this is uncommon and more often you will see positive adjustments rather than negative!