Dispatch | FAQs


How does Dispatch work?

Dispatch is replacing the old courier industry by providing customers with real time tracking and accurate ETAs by leveraging technology and hard working drivers who get paid a fair wage. When a customer places an order online for a shipment, the drivers closest to the pickup will get a push notification that the job is available. Then, with just a swipe of the finger the driver can simply claim the job and the customer instantly gets an ETA with real-time tracking. Businesses and consumers no longer need to call a courier and wonder where their delivery is, just Dispatch it!

What are the requirements to drive for Dispatch?

Dispatch drivers need to have an Android Smartphone or iPhone, valid driver's license, a vehicle in fair condition, no criminal record, read and speak English, and be at least 23 years of age.

Once a Driver has completed the onboarding process and passes their background check, they can download the app. The iOS app can be found on the App Store here, and the Android app can be found on the Google Play Store here.

What type of insurance do I need?

Dispatch requires all of our drivers to have their own car insurance. Dispatch provides supplemental cargo coverage when the driver has the Dispatch app on and the driver is in an active job.

What are the requirements for a Dispatch vehicle?

Dispatch does not have a vehicle age or mileage requirement. Vehicles that are on Dispatch's network must be both mechanically sound and visually appealing. All vehicles on Dispatch's network are visually inspected before they are allowed to take any jobs.

I already have a job, can I just drive a few hours in my off-time?

Yes, Dispatch's network stays busy enough for drivers to stay busy throughout the day, or just do a few deliveries in the mornings, afternoons, or weekends for extra money.

How do I apply to be a Dispatch driver? How long before I know if I was accepted?

Click Here to fill out our quick application. We'll get back to you within one week.

How do I get paid?

We pay our drivers through a platform called Stripe. To learn more about Stripe click Here

How can I track my earnings?

The Dispatch app tracks your earnings for you. Click the "Earnings" tab to see your pay for the day, week, and month.

Once you sign up for Stripe, you will get a detailed list for all completed orders, bonuses, and other miscellaneous earnings.

How is driver pay calculated?

Drivers are paid by the mile between pickup and drop-off based on the service level and vehicle type selected by the customer.

Do Dispatch drivers get tips? Do I get to keep them?

Tips are not expected, nor should they be requested. The Dispatch system does not include a tipping option. However, should a customer provide a tip to the driver, the money is theirs to keep.

When do I get paid?

Independent Driver pay periods run from Friday through Thursday with driver pay appearing in drivers' account on Monday morning.

What is an average hourly and weekly rate?

This rate will vary based on hours the driver is on the network and business load. An average could be $75-$125 per day, depending on how active the driver chooses to be.

Do drivers get any type of promotional offers, referral bonuses or rewards?

Drivers are eligible for referral bonuses for other drivers they refer once the referred driver completes 30 orders. In addition, the referred driver also receives a bonus.

How do I enter my tax information?

When a Dispatch Representative completes onboarding of the driver, they will complete a W9 with the driver, which will be used to process the drivers end of the year tax paperwork information.

How do tolls work for Dispatch drivers?

Dispatch drivers are paid for all tolls present on the calculated route from pickup to drop-off.

Is driving for Dispatch safe?

Very safe! Our drivers deliver packages only, usually from one business to another. We do not enter homes or apartments if delivering to a private residence for a customer.

How do I get deliveries?

Current and future jobs pop up in the driver's smartphone app and via message.

What area am I allowed to pick up deliveries?

Most deliveries are within a 1 hour radius of the center of the metro area we serve. Delivery notifications also provide the distance from the driver's current position so all jobs are at their discretion.

How do I change navigation settings?

Quick and easy on the settings screen in the driver's app.

How do I view my driving history?

You cannot currently view your driving history.

How do driver ratings work? What if someone gives me an unfair rating?

We do not have a driver rating system as of right now. We do have driver standards that will be communicated in the sign up process.

How do I access the Dispatch driver app?

The iOS app can be found on the App Store here, and the Android app can be found on the Google Play Store here.

What type of phone do I need to use the app?

You will need an Android or Apple smartphone. For Android, an operating system of 6.0 or higher is recommended and for iPhones, an operating system of 10.0 or higher is recommended. The Dispatch mobile app may not be compatible with older operating systems. The minimum Android screen size is 4.7 inches (diagonally) and the minimum iPhone model is 5. Lastly, a minimum of 1gb of data per month is required to use the Dispatch mobile app.

What do I do if I am having issues with the app?

If you have any issues with the app, call Dispatch, 952-444-5280 and we will help you. You can also press the "Call Dispatch Support" button within the smartphone app under settings.

How do I update my driver information?

Please let your network operator know. If you get a new car, have a change in insurance, or would like to change some information in your driving profile, please let the network operator know. Our customer's know who is showing up with a picture of yourself and vehicle; if things change, we need to know!

How do I call the person I’m delivering a package to?

After you swipe to "Arrived at Drop off", at the very bottom of the page in the Dispatch app, you will see a "Call Tab". Click on the call tab and you will see 4 options. Click on the "Call Delivery Contact" tab and it will automatically dial the person you are delivering to.

Can I cancel picking up a delivery once I have accepted?

Cancelling a job due to an unforeseen circumstance is acceptable. Please contact your network operator immediately so the job can be reassigned.

What should I do if I get in an accident, safety incident or citation?

Contact your network operator immediately. You and the network operator will work through the steps to make sure everyone involved is OK and everything gets resolved.

What to do if I don’t feel safe making a delivery?

Immediately leave the area you do not feel safe in and get to a place where you feel safe and out of danger. Contact your network operator first. The network operator will reach out to the correct parties to figure out a way to deliver the items without putting the driver in a spot they do not want to be.

What type of cargo insurance does Dispatch have?

Dispatch offers up to $10,000 in cargo insurance covering each individual Dispatch order for loss or damage to cargo during Dispatch delivery.

To file a claim, please click here to fill out claim form.

  • Claims must be made within 7 days of the delivery or the claim may be denied
  • The insurance covers the wholesale value and does not include taxes and/or freight during production/manufacturing
  • A valid wholesale invoice must be supplied
  • Photographic evidence is required for damaged goods; these goods must be available for inspection by an employee driver as they return to evaluate damage; and the goods must not be thrown until the claim is concluded
  • Dispatch reserves the right to offer payment for repair rather than reimbursement for the full cost of goods
  • Once a claim is accepted, a check will be sent within 5 business days to the claimant for the repair or replacement of the damaged or lost goods

If you have questions, please email our Operations Manager, Jane Otto at jane.otto@dispatchit.com.

What type of insurance do I need?

Dispatch requires all of our drivers to have their own car insurance. Dispatch provides supplemental cargo coverage when the driver has the Dispatch app on and the driver is in an active job.

Where should I go to file an insurance claim as an independent driver?

First, please inform customersuccess@dispatchit.com of what your claim is.
You can then call this number to file your claim: 1-844-224-6211

Are there any uniform requirements for drivers?
  • Drivers​ must ​​be​​ wearing​​ the ​​Dispatch​​ lanyard​​ badge​​ and ​​a ​​Dispatch​​ Logo ​​hat ​​at​​ all​ times.
  • All​ drivers ​​must ​​be ​​clean ​​and ​​well​-groomed. ​Grooming ​​styles ​​dictated ​​by ​​religion ​​and​ ethnicity ​are ​​acceptable​.
  • All​ clothes must ​​be​​ work​-appropriate.​ Clothes ​​that​ ​are ​​typical​​ in​​ workouts ​​and​ lounging ​aren’t​​ allowed​.
  • All​ clothes​​ must​​ project ​​professionalism​.​ Clothes​​ that​​ are too​​ tight​​ or​ revealing​ aren’t​​ allowed​.
  • All​ clothes​​ must​​ be​​ clean​​ and ​​in​​ good​​ shape​.​ Discernible​​ rips,​​ tears​​ or​​ holes​​ aren’t​ allowed.
  • Drivers ​must ​​cover ​​up tattoos ​​with​​ words​​ or ​​images ​​that​​ are ​​offensive ​​or ​​inappropriate​ as​ well​​ as ​​refrain ​​from​​ wearing ​​apparel​​ with​​ words ​​or ​​images​​ that ​​are​​ offensive​.
  • A Dispatch shirt is encouraged but not required. You can purchase a shirt of your choice on our website.