Dispatch is
on-demand delivery designed for you.

Built specifically for the B2B space, Dispatch makes it easy to manage multiple orders, users, and scales as your business grows.


Contact us to find out how you can achieve delivery success, and Dispatch will help you scale your delivery efforts with tailor-made solutions for your business. Whether you have one business or hundreds across the country, Dispatch is your partner in same-day delivery.

Dispatch allows for our Enterprise customers to grow and scale their delivery options nationwide with our technology. Get in touch to learn more about the Dispatch Difference.


When you have a technician in the field, time is money, and timing is everything. If your customers need parts on a jobsite, sending the tech to get the parts can be costly.

Suppliers who use Dispatch save their customers time, money, and resources. Look like a hero to your customer and give them the ability to get one more job done each day.

Small Business

Your business relies on local deliveries. Whether you have a delivery once a year or multiple times a day, Dispatch has you covered.

Take us for a test drive and see how easy it is to place an order. You’ll never go back to waiting and wondering where your order is. Deliver more* with same-day delivery.

Professional Drivers At Your Service

Dispatch Drivers are professional, experienced, and trusted. They go through a thorough vetting process, complete with background checks. For more info, visit our Business FAQ page.

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Industrial Delivery

Dispatch serves strong and resilient industries including:

Auto Parts

Service Levels

Convenient delivery options made easy.

The Dispatch map shows the locations of current open markets. Open markets have a network of trained and certified local independent drivers who can meet your needs within a 50-mile radius of that city. You can select from multiple service levels and vehicle types based on the unique needs of your business.


Delivered by 5pm


3 or more hours


2-3 hour delivery


Fastest service level

Vehicle Types


A two or four-door sedan that fits most items in the front seat. Cars can transport paint cans and supplies, AC and plumbing parts, small automotive parts, tools, small signage, cleaning supplies, or documents.


An SUV, crossover, or minivan vehicle that holds the same items as a car but in larger quantities. Mid-sized vehicles may transport items like five-gallon buckets of paint, boxes of tile, or larger signage.

Pickup Truck

A pickup truck can hold the same items as a car or mid-sized vehicle but in larger quantities. Customers typically use this option for taller or longer items like appliances, piles, and lumber. We require drivers to have truck beds with a minimum length of 78 inches.

Cargo Van

A classified cargo van is the largest vehicle size we offer. Customers looking to transport 5x10 signage, tables, lighting, machinery, or drywall may select this option. We require that every cargo van on our platform can fit at least a 4x8 pallet.

Talk With a Delivery Expert

Dispatch is here to help you achieve delivery success. Connect with our team today and Deliver More*

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